The best machine shop in the region.
  • Farmington
  • 799 Sandstone Ave, Farmington, NM 87401
  • Mon - Fri: 7:00a - 4:00p


2011 Willis Mammoth PK45120-16
           16-1/2” Spindle Bore
2009 Lehman Manual Machine
           12″ Spindle bore
2008 Hyd/Mech Saw
          18″ OD Capacity
          Auto advance for Production
2006 Mazak M-5 W/PC Fusion Controller
         7″ Spindle bore
         10″ Centers
1999 Mazak MTV-515/40N Vertical machining center w/PC Fusion Controller

1998 Mazak Super Quick Turn, 28M x 60″ w/T Plus Controller
        Capacity – 16.25″ x 60.35″
        3500 RPM with twelve position turret
1996 Mazak Quick Turn 20-HP w/T Plus Controller
        Capacity – 11.81 OD X 17.50 LG.
        4000 RPM with eight position turret
1996 Mazak FH-480 Horizontal mill w/M Plus Controller
        Two pallet changer with Chick Vise Systems.
        Capacity will depend upon using the vice or removing them and using just the pallet.
        12000 RPM with thirty tool magazine.
1994 Mazak M-5 w/T 32 Controller
        6-1/2″ hollow spindle turning center, with SMW air chuck.

1947 Lehman Hydrotrol Drilling
7″ hollow spindle lathe
1997 Spartan Saw PA13-2
           13″ OD Capacity
           Auto advance for Production.
19?? Holt and Sons Oven
           Reconditioned 1997
           4’ x 4’ box 1300 degree.
1997 Honeywell Chart Controller
19?? Shibaru Horizontal Mill
           3-1/8″ Bar     
           Capacity-36″ x 42″ Table
1942 Bullard VTL
           42″ swing
Complete metalizing system.
We also have two engine lathes, three Bridgeport mills, one Knee mill, one Ikeda drill press, two saws, three forklifts, and a keyseat cutter. Our welding shop is also complete with both wire feeds and arc welders.
We have a complete set of  lead and taper gauges, hardened and ground gauges 2-3/8” EUE, 2-7/8” EUE, 3 1/2” EUE, along with rotary shoulder connections of 1-1/2” MT through 6-5/8” REG. All have current certification. All of our mic’s are under current certification.